SOTT at customers Place

SOTT at customers Place

The SOTT (setup and Operator Training of Temelsan) is made for customers who want be professionally instructed face to face life at work to operate confident and professionally the machine they bought from Temelsan.

The professional Trainer with an large experience will stay 3 Fully Working days at your welding center and instruct the operator for

  • how to adjust the putt welding machine
  • how to use the machine properly
  • how to make high quality welds
  • how to make the pre-preparation before welding
  • how to handle the blade after welding
  • transmit general knowledge about Band Saw Blade and they Technical structure
  • check of Machine and Equipment for Welding Procedure

Specific order code: SOTT-Butt Welding

Time Schedule (This is the minimum Time which should be spent)

3 fully Days a 8 Hours working time --> setup and training at Place --> 24 Hours
16 Hours Travel Time --> average calculation --> 16 Hours
Additional Time investment should be agreed.

Travel and Accommodation (Time and Costs are depending Distance and Location)

Depending the Distance and the travel possibilities but usually the fastest selection of Flight.
Rental Car and their gas costs
Hotel and Meal

Training Languages

It is recommended for well understanding of one of following Languages, even the translator who could attend the training should know the sector or should be well known about the technique of butt welding.

  • English
  • Türkçe
  • Serbian
  • Albanian


This Training includes only the quick reference chart to operate the Butt Welding Machine fast and confident and the saved Parameters to Weld when leaving the customers place.


We really recommend this Option SOTT-Butt Welding, any customer who gained this training has improved the quality and productivity very much.

The Price of this Option SOTT-Butt Welding will be quoted depending you Location, please ask for special assistance.