DK 400 XL Vertical Bandsaw machines are designed for heavy duty industrial use.


Fixed Table
Table tilt to 15 degrees outside - 15 degrees inside
Table tilt to 15 degrees front side - 15 degrees back side
2 x 400mm (16") Aluminum flanged, tapered bandwheels with rubber tires
Upper wheel adjustment up to 76mm (3")
Operator controls mounted on column
One set of saw guide blocks with carbide backup for bands 6mm (1/4") to 27mm (1")
One set of metal saw guide inserts for chosen bands
Band wheel brush
Work light
Manual bandsaw tension with pressure gauge indicator.
Saw blade guards.
Band door interlocks.
Rip Fence for width adjustment
Post Elevating Hand Wheel
One (1) complimentary Bi Metal saw blade.
Operation and parts manuals always available online
Stop Running upon Bandsaw Breake
Emergency shut-off buttons


  • Bandsaw Tension Unit: By Hydro-Mechanic Hand wheel as a Standard - Hydraulic Tention Unit applicable
  • Table Stroke: 300mm ( 12" )
  • Band Driving Type: Belt – Step Cone Pulley System
  • Max. Cutting Height: 400 mm ( 16" )
  • Throat size: 400 mm
  • Table Dimensions: 600mm x 800mm ( 24" x 32" )
  • Table Tilt Left: 15 °
  • Table Tilt Right: 45 °
  • Table Tilt Front: N/A
  • Table Tilt Back: N/A
  • Table Height: 890 mm ( 35" )
  • Motor Power: 2,2 kW - 3 kW ( 3 HP - 4 HP )
  • Bandsaw Speed: Can be arranged upon request
  • Max. Load Capacity: 500 kg ( 1102,3 lbs )
  • Blade Length: 3560 mm ( 140" )
  • Blade Width: 6mm ( 1/4" ) up to 27mm ( 1" )
  • Floor Space: 1200mm x 1300mm ( 47" x 51" )
  • Overall Height: 2000 mm (79")
  • Weight: 600 kg ( 1322,7 lbs )


DKO - FIBD - 4
Variable frequency band drive.
Bandsaw Blade driven motor is connecting true to Frequency inverter. This allows operators to be able for speed adjustment for different types of workpiece to cut more efficiently.

DKO - HMT - 4
Hydraulic Motion Table
Basically machines have fixed tables. With a hydraulic driven table, the operator should clamp the workpiece on the table then the table stroke is by hydraulic piston. Also the operator can arrange the cutting length by limit switches on the table. On the other hand also operator is able to adjust the cutting speed also this makes cutted surface to look 100% same for all cutting length. For the straight and rigid cutting this option that should definitely be obtained on the benches.

Hydraulic Bandsaw Tension Unit
This option is applicable only in case the DKO-HMT option is applied on the machine. With this option the operator does not need to use a hand wheel to make the blade under tension for cutting, while the machine is switched on the tension unit works automatically.

DKO - MST - 4
Manual Sliding Table
Basically machines have fixed tables. With this option the table is able to move front and back by operator hand force.

PLC Control Unit
Basically machines work with contactors which are controlled by the buttons on the control panel. With this option machine moves will be under control of the PLC unit and also the control will be via 7" Sensitive Touch Screen HMI.

Band Mist coolant system
While cutting the soft materials blades are getting heated and this makes blade life less also the cutting speed slower. With Mist Spray Coolant blades will stay always cold therefore the blade life will be longer.

Chip Absorption Pipe
It is the connection point that connects the vacuum system to the machine to collect the chips in fine and dusty cuts.

DKO - LWCS - C - 4
Liquid Wet Cutting System For Counter Bandsaws
It is a solution applied on counter type bandsaw machines for cuts that need to be made with liquid coolant.

DKO - PDSS - 4
Pilz Door Safety System up to 4 Doors
Temelsan Vertical bandsaw machines have interlock safety systems as standard per CE conformity. The Pilz Safety system is needed to reach ISO 13849-1/-2 control system safety standards. This option is applicable for the machines which has up to four doors.

Semi-Auto Welding Shop Unit
This option is mostly a choice for cuts, which will generally be used for internal mold evacuations and inner surface cutting of perforated products. Welding machine can weld up to 13mm (1/2") bandsaw, grinder and chear cutter apparatus comes with this equipment.

Chain Mechanism For Material Holding
Chain mechanism, makes material to hold more easily and more stable.

Workpiece holding jaw with handles
Workpiece holding jaw, makes material to hold easier and more stable.

Laser for Cutting Line
High quality green ( the producer can change the color ) line laser makes operators work easily to replace the workpiece on the table, their operator can see the cutting line clearly.

G - WP
Boxing for overseas shipment ( Y-PACK Wooden Box )
This option is only for contour bandsaw machines.

Set-up and Training for Counter, XL and LS Type Bandsaw Machines
The SOTT (setup and Operator Training of Temelsan) is made for customers who want to be professionally instructed face to face life at work to operate confidently and professionally the machine they bought from Temelsan. The professional Trainer with a large experience will stay 3 Fully Working days at customers place and instruct the operator for usage and maintenance of machines.

Different Motor Power Applications
Temelsan DK 400 XL type Band Saw Benches are manufactured to operate with a 2.2 kW motor as standard. In line with the demands of our customers, different motors up to 4 kW can be used within the design limits. Do not forget to tell us the amount of power you want in your requests regarding this option.

Different Voltage Application
Temelsan Bandsaw machines are produced to work with 380V AC as an standard. Different working conditions about the power source are acceptable with extra cost as well. Price may change regarding the selected options. 

DK 400 XL

DK 400 XL Vertical Bandsaw Machine is designed by Temelsan Engineers to a rigid, clean surface, flat and efficient cutting of metals.

All mechanical parts are designed and made by Temelsan engineering department with many technical calculations. The base materials are always taken one step up then needs.

Machine has heavy duty construction and high quality special mechanical design and also high quality mechanical parts. Below you can see the systems and brands that we use on our machines.

Metal Production : 1040, 2080, carburized steel, tempered steel, Aluminium
Gear System: Yılmaz Reduktor
Bearing System : SKF
Electronic System: Schneider
Hydraulic System: Winman