TAS 1001 RT – HP 3 IN 1 Grinding Machine has special range of grinding capacity.
Machine can grind the blades from 6 mm up to 54 mm width. The thickness of blades are from 0,90mm up to 1,60mm

Easy feed system : With foot pedal clamping getting more easy to replace blade on surface grinding area.
Surface Grinding : Welding area is grinding with rotated head by hand control.
Back edge grinder : Foot pedal controlled back edge grinding system is getting in use while operator pressing the pedal. When operation is over system is getting back to hide.
Teeth grinding : By hand tool operator is getting available to grind and clean the gullet of the blade to finish all grinding operation on one place without moving around.


Only Grinding system Customers are free to cancel these back edge grinder system and teeth grinding system. We also provide the machine as only for grinding head.

Legal Documentations

  • CE Declaration
  • PL Report

Technical Documentations

  • User manual
  • Exploded part views

TAS 1001 RT – HP 3 IN 1

TAS 1001 RT – HP 3 IN 1 Grinding Machine is designed by Temelsan Engineers to have consistent and high quality welding on bandsaw blade industries.

All mechanical parts are designed and maded by Temelsan engineering department with many technical calculations. The base materials are always taken one step up then needs.

Machine has heavy duty construction and high quality special mechanical design and also high quality mechanical parts. Below you can see the systems and brands that we use on our machines.

Metal Production: 1040,2080, carburized steel, tempered steel, AMCO, Aluminium
Bearing System : SKF
Pneumatic system: Festo
Electronic System: Schneider