DK 3000 LS

Column mounted controls give the operator easy access to band start and blade speed ensuring their hands are away from the blade at band start.

Easy to operate post elevating buttons on the control panel allows the operator to keep the upper saw guide block as close to the top of the material being cut without getting their hands close to the blade during adjustment. With the PLC option even touch screen buttons are able for this move as well. Proper positioning minimizes the possibility of band deflection increasing band life and safety.

Band wheels-Flanged, cast aluminum, tapered band wheels are supplied with rubber tires to minimize wheel wear and allow for the use of only one set of saw guide blocks for band 54mm (2"). The carbide back guide coupled with the wheel flanges support the back of the band during the cut, decreasing band fatigue and increasing band life.

Hydraulic Bandsaw Tension-Proper bandsaw blade tension is manualy set to a factory installed pressure gauge and pressure table for different sizes of blades, which covers all usefull widths of saw bands. The pressure gauge will prevent the possibility of over/under tightening of the bandsaw for maximum cutting rates and extended band life.

High Quality Steel Table-Hydraulically driven cast steel table with 3000mm (118") of travel has "T" slots for ease of clamping of fixturing or parts eliminates the possibility of movement during the cut.

Strategically mounted replaceable Fiber wheel brush cleans the surface of the lower wheel minimizing damage to the lower wheel tire by reducing any chip buildup which may cause improper blade tracking.

Machine is equipped with one set of Temelsan standard guide blocks and inserts which will handle 54mm (2”) Bandsaws. These will allow proper support to the side and back of the band minimizing deflection due to overfeed conditions.

A standard machine is equipped with one set of inserts with a dimension chosen by the customer. Also customers are able to purchase different inserts for different sizes of Bandsaw blades. As a standard equipment door interlocks prevent the starting of the saw band while the doors are open. They will also stop the band drive if the doors open during operation which protects the operator from being exposed to a moving band.

Feed Control : Hydraulic table feed control combines feed rate with feed force, allowing the operator to not only adjust table speed but also adjust the force being applied to the blade maximizing band life.

10 year manufacturer’s warranty available (Cut Above Lifetime Warranty). Customers are able to find 10 year long, each mechanical part (or similar applicable) applied on the machine.

Metal Production : 1040, 2080, carburized steel, tempered steel, Aluminium
Gear System: Yılmaz Reduktor
Bearing System : SKF
Electronic System: Schneider
Hydraulic System: Winman