KN 100 HBA PLC Flash Butt Welding Machine is designed by Temelsan Engineers to have consistent and high quality welding on bandsaw blade industries.

All mechanical parts are designed and maded by Temelsan engineering department with many technical calculations. The base materials are always taken one step up then needs.

Machine has heavy duty construction and high quality special mechanical design and also high quality mechanical parts. Below you can see the systems and brands that we use on our machines.

Mechanical components

Metal Production : 1040, 2080, carburized steel, tempered steel, AMCO, Aluminium

Gear System : LIMING

Pneumatic system : FESTO

Electronic System : OMRON

Transformator : EXPERT

Hydraulic System : WINMAN

Temperature measurement: LUMASENSE

KN 100 HBA PLC has special range of welding capacity.

Machine can weld the blades from 20mm up to 100mm width. The tickness of blades are from 0,90mm up to 1,60mm.

1- 400 log capacity - This make operator to install 400 different size of blade on the machine which in future will help even to use stopper system for automatic replacement of blade on the machine before welding.

2- Barcode reading system - With barcode reader system operator can use own stock codes as a program name on the machine and no need to search parameters in to 400 log by eyes. With one click of barcode reader you can jump to selected settings.

3- Clamping air regulation and calibration - Machine has automatically pressure adjustment by the size and receipt that selected by operator on the screen. Also has own calibration for each pressure changes its made it automatically.

4-  Up-setting air regulation and calibration - Machine has automatically pressure adjustment by the size and receipt that selected by operator on the screen. Also has own calibration for each pressure changes its made it automatically.

5- Welding power selection – Operator not need to regulate the welding power for each blade size manually, the parameters which is saved on receipt its already has information of welding current and adjusting automatically.

6- Operation speed - The welding and annealing fully operation time is for smaller size around 14 second and for wider sizes around 45 second.

7- Fast Blade size changing time – we  know when operators need to change the blade size by receipt, before it was taken around 30 min because after each size change operator has to do the test welding before real operation. By our new machine which is controlling with high speed PLC this changes are taken maximum 3 second also operator do not need to do the test welding after the changing size of blade for welding.

8- Counters – PLC controlled Temelsan welding machines has more then 450 counters which has for each log ( 400 log = 400 counter) have different counters. also for servicing the jaws has own counter which gave you and warning after reaching the service time. For each device which work on machine has counter as well so we can keep control the machine with remote desktop.

9- Easy and operator friendly interface - The interface of the machine was designed by Temelsan Engineers and with the 10 years of customer feedback. Maximum with three click made operator can get ready for any operation on the machine.

10- High quality equipment - All mechanical parts are designed and made by Temelsan engineering department with many technical calculations. The base materials are always taken one step up then needs. By this we can give the 2 years of warrant for mechanical parts. Also we use the Liming ( which is one of the best qualities on the world about planetary gearbox. Also PLC system is supported by OMRON which has more than 50 points all around the world for selling and servicing. Transformator is one of the best producers on world EXPERT also the pyrometer ( which make your annealing procedure fully automatically controlled) has made by German company with their quality.



-          Sensitive De-Burring System


To remove the weld burr from the top side and the reverse side of the strip (no surface finish) A minimal weld seam of approx. 0.2 mm remains at the top and reverse side of the and Deburring occurs automatically during the annealing process Automatic, material-saving lifting of the upper knife during the returnEasily exchangeable and precisely adjustable carbide blades, usable on 4 side The deburring can be switched on or off in the respective program.


-          Liquid Cooling System


Cooling System connections of Temelsan HB A models are designed to be able to run a time period of 20-60 seconds for each band saw blade, if the machine should run any minute to weld, is the cooling system of Temelsan a big advantage. Less re-adjustments and less cooling time.The HB A models are so designed, that can be easy connect and start hose connections at the jaws and inside the Transformer are already mounted and ready for use Back on the machines are ready 2 connection points for IN and OUT of cooling Liquid with stopcock on each.


-          CE Decleration

-          PL Report


-          User manual

-          Exploded part views

Why Temelsan

As temelsan we are praud of our production quality and the equipment that we use to complete our machine to work for our customers. Mostly all components that we use from suppliers as Festo, Omron, Liming, Expert and SKF they are most easy to find on the regular local market. This makes customers to do more fast and easy solution in case of problems will appear on thier machine.

Temelsan offer you a best service ever you can find all around the World on machine producers. Temelsan has many ways to give a service to the customers on the way of some mallfunction. Each machine has their own user manual and technical documentation which is coming with machine also sending by mail online. Also there is online services that you can reach 7days 24 hour. In case you need a phisically services then Temelsan engineers are attenting to customer side as soon as it’s possible.

With Temelsan productions you can increase your productivity. Temelsan machines are faster machine ever you can see on their classman. The welding machines are definitly minute less operation time then other brands and quality is higher. Bandsaw machines also Temelsan offer you the best surface on cutting solutions.

Main aim of Temelsan is given the best service to customers also on the way of delivery times. Our delivery time is definitly shorter then similar producers and the other brands. Mostly in maximum 6 weeks we delivery the machines.

Technical Scores

Operation Time
Adjustment Time
Log Capacity