With experience over 15 years in the industry itself has carried this dedicated band saws sawings and cutting threads in specialized        Zagorasaw success with our own staff of Turkey's leading bandsaw between manufacturing and sales companies.

Zagorasaw Bandsaws combine your vertical and horizontal bandsaw experience to meet your industrial metal cutting needs;


More precise,

More affordable,

For longer lasting cut

With its excellent welding quality, it has made the principle of earning your profits.

ZagoraSaw continues to grow thanks to our high standards of customer service, responsiveness, competitive pricing and on-time delivery  capabilities. Our company goes beyond being a distributor by combining saw brands with quality. ZagoraSaw knows that every customer is different and focuses on their unique needs.

Our dedicated and experienced staff are committed to providing the best service to our customers through timely delivery and first-time quality by answering your questions and requests as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on our ability to share knowledge and                 experience in the saw industry with our customers all over the world and in every business process.